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HirePayoff™ Goes International

Million Dollar Hire: Build Your Bottom Line, One Employee at a Time, the Book That Helped Launch HirePayoff™, Rolls Out in China Along with the HirePayoff™ Assessment Tool October 29, 2014 – The Asian economy, too, is beginning to focus

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‘Can Do’ Qualities Cut Turnover

“Research shows ‘Can Do’ qualities outpace ‘Will Do’ ones not only in predicting new hire performance, but in reducing their turnover,” says Dr. David Jones October 7, 2014 – “We’ve explained in many prior releases how important it is to

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The world of employment testing and assessment can be a ‘buyer beware’ marketplace… driving bad hiring investments and creating legal risks. June 30, 2014 – Over the years, Dr. David Jones has worked extensively with Jeffrey Ross, a Partner with

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The HirePayoff™ Candidate Assessment Tool Expands To English, Spanish, Vietnamese And Chinese Language Versions

As use of the HirePayoff™ candidate assessment and pre-screening tool expands in the U.S. and internationally, language-specific design and validation work proceeds. March 13, 2014 – In early-2013, David Jones, head of HirePayoff™, announced that rights to the company’s Million-Dollar

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Engagement Is Visible!

“Candidates who score higher on the Eager to Engage employment test have a better chance of impressing a manager enough to get hired,” says Dr. David Jones. January 28, 2014 – Recently, Dr. David Jones, author of Million-Dollar Hire: Building

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Finding High Vs. Low Employee Engagement Means Looking Through Different Lenses

“Screening candidates to find those likely to show high versus low levels of employee engagement doesn’t follow a simple ‘more is better’ screening model,” says Dr. David Jones. December 11, 2013 – Recently, Dr. David Jones, author Million-Dollar Hire: Building

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HirePayoff™ Announces Partnership With CRG emPerform™

Linking candidate assessment and performance management technologies grows the bottom line even faster. November 11, 2013 – HirePayoff™ is excited to announce a formal partnership with CRG emPerform, an Ottawa-based provider of all-inclusive online employee performance management software. CRG emPerform’s

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Finding The Right Candidate Reduces An Employer’s Cost Of ‘Growing Employee Engagement’

“Why would an employer not focus as much on ‘finding’ as on ‘growing’ employee engagement?” asks Dr. David Jones. October 25, 2013 – Recently, Dr. David Jones, author of Million-Dollar Hire: Building Your Bottom Line, One Employee at a Time

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Screening Candidates For ‘Will Do’ Qualities Is One Of The Most Important Things An Employer Can Do

“And while many employers fret candidates will ‘fake good’ on tests of ‘Will Do’ competencies during the selection process, the fear can be put to rest,” says Dr. Leaetta Hough, Chief Science Officer with HirePayoff™ June 20, 2013 – Virtually

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Engagement Predicts!

  Screening For Both Competencies And Employee Engagement “Recent HR analytics show how using employee testing to screen for both competencies and the likelihood of growing employee engagement helps produce a clear bottom line return, ” says Dr. David Jones.

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