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HirePayoff™ is one of the many candidate screening, assessment, and selection solutions produced by Growth Ventures, Inc. We help employers design and automate their recruiting and hiring practices… improve dramatically their quality of hire… gain cost efficiency… assemble an engaged workforce… and comply with today’s legal requirements. Whether it’s the latest recruiting and sourcing capabilities, candidate assessment tools, data tracking systems, or continuous improvement methods, Growth Ventures, Inc. helps employers grow value in their talent.

With decades of experience working in entry-level positions, professional jobs, management, and executive roles… with history in major organizations, startups, or businesses seeking to grow their bottom line, we help:

  1. Identify the competencies your organization needs, the levels at which they are needed, and the new hire qualities that drive day to day performance and employee engagement… along with tools to show how to target these qualities with proven measurement systems,
  2. Create sourcing, pre-screening, and assessment tactics that measure the key competencies your jobs demand, bringing together tools with a best-in-breed record of success in identifying new hires who engage, learn, perform, and continue to build new skills as the workplace changes,
  3. Automate and improve the accuracy of steps in your hiring process with informative, action-oriented reports at each step in the “hiring funnel,”
  4. Track and evaluate your hiring results with metrics you can use to drive continuous improvement, evaluate legal compliance, and demonstrate true returns on investment, and
  5. Deliver training and hands-on support, tailoring the hiring process to your unique way of doing business.
  6. Create job performance measurement and evaluation tools your organization can use to track all current employees against the metrics competency modeling and screening system design have shown to drive bottom line results. These tools not only can play a role in undertaking continuous improvement in the hiring process, but in identifying person-by-person training and development needs.
  7. Link with your internal training and development professionals to create 360-degree tracking tools that build on the results of competency modeling, performance measure design, and new hire screening to help guide performance feedback, employee development, and promotional decisions.
  8. For international employers, create and validate language-specific versions of new hire screening, performance tracking, and promotional guidance tools.
Design Partnering
Interested in partnering to help expand the HirePayoff™ process to new jobs and work settings? Reach Out and describe the types of jobs your organization reflects. If truly new, we’ll contact you and offer major cost savings to Design Partners who can help us expand the scope of HirePayoff™ to new settings.
Business Partnering
Interested in HirePayoff™ as a solution to expand your consulting, technology, or client service portfolio? Reach Out to learn how your organization can link with Growth Ventures, Inc. and capitalize on the success of HirePayoff™.