Our Leadership

jones-web-smallDavid P. Jones, Ph.D – President & CEO

One of the few in his profession recognized as an entrepreneur and founder of an international HR consulting and outsourcing business, Dave Jones has worked in recruiting, assessment, talent acquisition, and employment legal compliance for over 30 years. He drew on that experience in writing the recently released Million Dollar Hire, a book laying out the hiring strategies and tactics that led to creating HirePayoff™.

He founded HRStrategies, recognized as one of the fastest growing consulting and recruitment process outsourcing companies in the U.S. prior to its acquisition by today’s Aon-Hewitt. He was the global head of human resources consulting with Aon-Hewitt, one of the world’s largest HR consulting and outsourcing firms, and today is President of Growth Ventures Inc., a company that focuses on continually improving the “predictions” employers make every time they choose a new employee.

Dave has designed recruiting and hiring programs for a majority of the Fortune 100. He has lead industry-wide initiatives, creating new approaches to candidate recruiting and assessment for industries as diverse as high-tech, utilities, insurance and financial services, pharmaceutical, automotive producers and suppliers, hospitality and dining, consumer products, and others.

As technology solutions, social networking, and new approaches to candidate assessment have blossomed, he has contributed new product approaches and taken both investor and Board of Directors positions in the industry. As employer challenges related to equal employment opportunity have grown in prominence, he has advised clients on compliance, and regularly serves as a consulting and expert witness in litigation settings where the solution rests in not only finding the best talent, but doing it fairly and equitably.

His accomplishments have been highlighted in The Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Investor’s Business Daily, Crain’s Business, and on many business TV and radio events.

Reach out and connect at: davejones@hirepayoff.com

rand-webRand Gottschalk – Executive Vice President of Operations

Mr. Gottschalk has more than 25 years’ experience as a human resources consultant, with emphasis on developing, validating, and implementing essentially all types of candidate screening, assessment and certification tools to drive both selection and placement decisions.  He has focused on both R&D and “on the ground” implementation of assessment systems across North America, as well as Central and Eastern Europe.  His expertise in data mining, statistical analysis and framing platforms to document selection procedure job-relatedness, validity, and legal compliance is exceptional in the Industrial and Organizational Psychology profession.

Rand served as one of the initial members of HRStrategies, an HR consulting and recruitment process outsourcing company that grew to international status prior to acquisition by today’s Aon-Hewitt.  Later, he took the role of Senior Vice President and Regional Director of Aon Consulting’s Selection and Assessment Division.  In addition, he was an Executive Consultant at Personnel Decisions International (PDI), and worked with an emphasis on implementing the latest technology-based assessment solutions as Director of Human Resources Consulting at Talent Technology Corporation (TTC).

Rand has designed, validated and implemented recruiting and hiring systems for companies across most major business sectors, including pharmaceutical, automotive, tobacco, metal processing, consulting, consumer products, retail sales, and others.  He has worked at multiple levels, developing and implementing assessment systems for positions ranging from entry-level labor, sales, and service positions, to occupations at professional, managerial and executive levels.

His work has emphasized the development of assessments meeting the highest technical quality standards, while appealing to clients and candidates because of their appearance and ease of use.  In the new technology-driven world of assessment, he focuses on implementing solutions and capturing data to continually improve recruiting and hiring process and outcomes, laying the foundation to bring Six Sigma to the world of recruitment and hiring.  Rand also has played a key role in many legal compliance assignments, using statistical analyses, Uniform Guidelines principles, and current legal compliance standards to frame both challenge and defense of employment systems. He has played a key role in creating the HirePayoff™ solution.

Reach out and connect at: randgottschalk@hirepayoff.com

leaetta-webLeaetta Hough, Ph.D – Chief Science Officer

Dr. Hough is one of the world’s leaders in developing innovative candidate assessment systems. Her focus is creating tools to reliably evaluate a candidate’s workplace personality, and to predict on-the-job outcomes, such as learning efficiency, job performance, retention, and promotability.  Her emphasis is tracking changes in the workplace, and the workforce, and designing new, non-traditional assessment strategies that show a solid payoff, and mitigate adverse impact against protected groups.

Leaetta founded Dunnette Group, Ltd., and was co-founder of Personnel Decisions Research Institutes (PDRI).  She is a fellow of the American Psychological Society (APS), the American Psychological Association (APA), APA’s Division 14 (Society of Industrial and Organizational Psychology), and APA’s Division 5 (Division of Evaluation, Measurement, and Statistics).

Her work has helped shape the science and practice of Industrial-Organizational Psychology.  She is past president of both the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology (SIOP) and the Federation of Associations in Behavioral and Brain Sciences, a coalition of 22 scientific societies with headquarters in Washington, DC.

She publishes articles in refereed journals, book chapters, and conference proceedings. Noteworthy has been her role as co-editor of the four-volume Handbook of Industrial & Organizational Psychology, and as lead author of the personnel selection chapter for the Annual Review of Psychology, as well as the biodata assessment chapter of the Handbook of Workplace Assessment:  Selecting and Developing Talent.

Leaetta also has written workplace personality assessment chapters in the International Handbook of Work & Organizational Psychology, the Handbook of Personnel Selection, and both editions of the I-O Psychology volume of the Comprehensive Handbook of Psychology. Three of her articles were reprinted in Employee Selection and Performance Management, a book consisting of articles psychologists identified as the seminal publications in the last 100 years.

Reach out and connect at: leaettahough@hirepayoff.com