Tracking Payoff

HirePayoff™ breaks beyond the typical assessment vendor model… it lays new ground in the world of candidate screening by tracking the initial employee engagement, job performance, and tenure of new hires, laying the way to continuously improve, and grow the defensibility, of the user’s hiring process…

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Employers often see candidate testing as a “buyer beware” market… with good reason. Sales teams sometimes rely on “Trust us, this assessment always works… sure it’s valid… of course it’s defensible…” Really? Where’s the proof?

What HirePayoff™ does – shape an employer’s candidate screening process with solid data… and then collect more. Set up tools, typically the employer’s applicant tracking system, to track screening results, build a data base, and monitor hiring results. Lay a data-driven foundation to tailor the screening process to the employer’s unique job demands, labor market makeup, and hiring needs.

Using a screening process to evaluate and drive hiring decisions shouldn’t be a fixed, never-changing process… continuous improvement shapes the best systems. The need – link what we’ve learn about candidates to how they actually perform as new hires.

What HirePayoff™ does – track hiring decisions onto the job… and measure the payoff. Use the New Hire Performance Check-Up to gain a view on new hires’ learning, job engagement, performance, retention, and other key payoff metrics. Then, link information gained during the screening process to these performance results. The testing profession calls this validation… we call it common sense.

Fact – Hiring decisions will always result in mistakes. The question – How do we increase the hits… and reduce the misses? Today’s technology platforms, like HirePayoff™ make ongoing, data-driven, continuous improvement updates to a candidate screening process possible.

What HirePayoff™ does – shape regular updates to screening standards, tools, and results… and take a quality control plunge. Like the concept of Six Sigma, Hire Payoff™ looks for quality improvement, efficiency, and compliance risk reduction. Continuous improvement reports help decide where, when, and how to shape even better hiring decisions… all based on solid, employer-specific data. It just makes sense.