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Million Dollar Hire: Build Your Bottom Line, One Employee at a Time, the Book That Helped Launch HirePayoff™, Rolls Out in China Along with the HirePayoff™ Assessment Tool

October 29, 2014 – The Asian economy, too, is beginning to focus on using employee testing to find the best talent – workers with the ‘Can Do’ and ‘Will Do’ qualities it takes to increase performance, grow work engagement, and improve retention.

Million-Dollar Hire: Build Your Bottom Line, One Employee at a Time in Chinese

Million-Dollar Hire: Build Your Bottom Line, One Employee at a Time (Jossey-Bass) saw a recent China rollout. According to Dr. David Jones, the book’s author and head of HirePayoff™, the employee selection testing venture launched in order to operationalize the key ideas about employee screening and assessment covered in Million-Dollar Hire, the venture has gained traction in the U.S. and international marketplace.

“As more and more employers in the U.S. have asked us to frame online selection that tap critical candidate ‘Can Do’ and ‘Will Do’ competencies, we’ve built on our decades of examples presented in Million-Dollar Hire. The focus – rolling out today’s employee testing, technology, and legal test validation tactics to bring everything to the cutting edge,” says Jones. “Obviously, international economies are facing the same need to find talent with the ‘Can Do’ and ‘Will Do’ competencies that guide success, grow employee engagement once on board, and retain the best talent,” adds Jones.

“Recently, we focused on extending the HirePayoff™ candidate testing process to international applications,” says Rand Gottschalk, Chief Operating Officer at HirePayoff™. “Versions in Spanish, Vietnamese, and Chinese languages are already being administered, while others ranging from Arabic, to applications in India, Russia, and European settings are undergoing validation work in employer settings,” adds Gottschalk.

“Given the level of continuous improvement data analytics feasible today, our goal is not only to help employers find the best candidates… it goes further. The target – bring Six Sigma to the world of hiring,” says Jones.

“We never pose the ‘trust us, our test works’ sales strategy seen so often today,” says Gottschalk. “We tailor how our tool is used, and refine its use through data analytics as the volume of data grows in our IT platform, as employers feed information to our ‘New Hire Performance Checkup’, and the means to implement Six Sigma unfold,” adds Gottschalk.

“In the U.S., this helps cover legal compliance issues that pop up in candidate screening and assessment… there is nothing more defensible than hard, employer-specific data showing an assessment process really works,” says Jones. “Internationally, is simply documents the payoff,” Jones adds.

In addition to working with international clients to grow their employees’ performance, engagement, and retention, HirePayoff™ is currently reviewing links with international consulting firms interested in opening partnerships to deliver HirePayoff™ with their own recruiting, hiring, and workforce development clients.

About HirePayoff™

David Jones, PhD, author of Million-Dollar Hire: Building Your Bottom Line, One Employee at a Time, published in April, 2011 by Jossey-Bass, is among the few HR professionals to found and grow a major international HR consulting business. In Million-Dollar Hire he shows how, even in a slow economy, U.S. employers make millions of hiring decisions every month. Every decision carries risk. Every hire is an investment. Ideally, every hiring decision pays a return. Using practical, real world illustrations, Jones shows there are tools to treat every hiring decision with the same focus a business applies in acquiring other high-value assets.

Today, Jones is president of Growth Ventures Inc., whose HirePayoff™ division works with employers to implement ‘Can Do’ and ‘Will Do’ online employee testing. Through HirePayoff™, Jones helps companies re-invent their recruitment and selection practices and add to the bottom line with re-engineered, legally compliant tools. For more information, visit www.hirepayoff.com.

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