Getting Started

Launching HirePayoff™ focuses on ease, efficiency, and laying a platform to track results. And the tactics are not rigid… options help the process fit the unique makeup of every employer…

Identify the job(s) where HirePayoff™ will be used… document their ‘Can Do’ and ‘Will Do’ needs… draw on job descriptions or O*Net details to document job demands, screening standards, and performance tracking metrics. Options – create job analysis details… execute ‘transportability’ research… produce user-specific job performance metrics to track hiring results… and more.

Set the user’s HirePayoff™ screening standards… confirm the layout of the screening profile report… trigger the web-based technology launch… link to the user’s ATS to drive candidate tracking and HRIS to track new hire performance, retention, employee engagement, termination, etc. Options – create user-specific reports… create HirePayoff™ video inserts to help build the user’s recruiting brand… roll in new, client-specific screening content… and more.

Monitor ongoing use of HirePayoff™… track and maintain candidate data… use the HirePayoff™ New Hire Performance Check-Up to automate capture of continuous improvement data… execute periodic reviews and reach out on any ‘red flags’… build data to drive annual continuous improvement review. Options – execute specific internal validation research… create a user-specific clone of HirePayoff™… answer user-specific requests for results review.

Assemble annual candidate and new hire data from the HirePayoff™ platform and user ATS and HRIS platforms… execute analysis of hiring results… frame payoff reviews… identify continuous improvement opportunities… execute ongoing legal compliance validity analyses. Options – create user-specific clones of HirePayoff™ with unique ROI support… incorporate other screening tools unique to the user… expand the platform to additional jobs.