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HirePayoff™ Goes International

The HirePayoff™ Concept Goes International Million Dollar Hire: Build Your Bottom Line, One Employee at a Time, the Book That Helped Launch HirePayoff™ Will Roll Out in China During 2014. January 28, 2013 – In a more and more competitive

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Engagement Is Predictable!

Why Hold Management Responsible For Growing Employee Engagement? “Sure, management has a role to play in building employee engagement, but the evidence is clear – a large part of the load rests in who gets hired, ” says Dr. David

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Employee Engagement Is A Two-Way Street

“Many view growing employee engagement as management’s job, but it also resides in an employee. Assessing ‘Will Do’ qualities in candidates helps hire those more likely to engage,” says Dr. Leaetta Hough, Chief Science Officer with HirePayoff™ February 5, 2013

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Million Dollar Hire News

Written by David Jones, PhD, founder of Growth Ventures, Inc. and HirePayoff™, Million Dollar Hire shows how to link hiring decisions to bottom line results.

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