The HirePayoff™ Candidate Assessment Tool Expands To English, Spanish, Vietnamese And Chinese Language Versions

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As use of the HirePayoff™ candidate assessment and pre-screening tool expands in the U.S. and internationally, language-specific design and validation work proceeds.

March 13, 2014 – In early-2013, David Jones, head of HirePayoff™, announced that rights to the company’s Million-Dollar Hire: Build Your Bottom Line, One Employee at a Time (Jossey-Bass, April 2011) were purchased by a Chinese publisher, with a planned China rollout for early 2014. Jones commented, “In a more and more competitive global economy, Asian employers, too, are beginning to focus on using candidate assessment to find the best talent – workers with the ‘Can Do’ and ‘Will Do’ qualities it takes to increase performance, grow engagement, and improve retention.’

Now, HirePayoff™ is expanding its services outside the U.S., reaching into Asia to screen candidates with the HirePayoff™ assessment and pre-screening process. With the expansion, English and Spanish-language versions of the assessment tool have been extended in 2014 to include Vietnamese and Chinese-language versions, as well.

Rand Gottschalk, HirePayoff™ Executive VP of Operations and leader of the company’s international assessment services delivery, comments on what, and how, HirePayoff™ differentiates itself. “The steps we’re taking are not simply ‘translation work,’ they involve client by client data collection, new hire performance tracking, and ongoing data analytics to make sure the HirePayoff™ tool works as predicted… and produces the payoff we project, says Gottschalk.”

Jones adds, “We never say ‘trust us, this screening tool works’… we execute what’s called validation of the tool with each new user, regardless of the business or location. Call it continuous improvement or Six Sigma; it’s how we ensure employers gain a competitive edge through the people they hire.”

David Jones, PhD, author of Million-Dollar Hire: Building Your Bottom Line, One Employee at a Time, published in April, 2011 by Jossey-Bass, is among the few HR professionals to found and grow a major international HR consulting business. In Million-Dollar Hire, he shows how, even in a slow economy, U.S. employers make millions of hiring decisions every month. Every decision carries risk. Every hire is an investment. Ideally, every hiring decision pays a return. Using practical, real world illustrations, Jones shows there are tools to treat every hiring decision with the same focus a business applies in acquiring other high-value assets.

Today, Jones is president of Growth Ventures Inc., whose HirePayoff™ division works with employers to implement ‘Can Do’ and ‘Will Do’ online employee testing. Through HirePayoff™, companies re-invent their recruitment and selection practices and add to the bottom line with re-engineered, legally compliant tools. For more information, visit

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