HirePayoff™ Announces Leaetta Hough, PhD as Chief Science Officer

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One of the Country’s Leading Experts in Candidate Assessment, Dr. Hough Brings a Wealth of R&D Knowledge, Design Expertise, and Hands-On Experience to Drive Ongoing Development of the HirePayoff™ Product.

The HirePayoff™ division of Growth Ventures, Inc. announced today that Dr. Leaetta Hough has assumed the role of Chief Science Officer.  “With our focus on helping employers tap both the Can Do and  Will Do qualities of candidates, the knowledge Dr. Hough brings to the design, development, and validation of our HirePayoff™ product is truly superb,” says David Jones, the company’s founder.  “Dr. Hough’s decades of experience in measuring candidates’ workplace personality, interest, and work ethic already has shaped profoundly the way our HirePayoff™ product operates,” adds Jones.

Leaetta Hough is one of the world’s leaders in developing innovative candidate assessment systems. Her focus is creating tools to reliably evaluate a candidate’s workplace personality and predict on-the-job outcomes, such as learning efficiency, job performance, retention, and promotability.  Her emphasis involves tracking changes in the workplace, and the workforce, and designing new, non-traditional assessment strategies that show a solid payoff, and mitigate adverse impact against protected groups.

Dr. Hough is a fellow of the American Psychological Society (APS), the American Psychological Association (APA), APA’s Division 14 (Society of Industrial and Organizational Psychology), and APA’s Division 5 (Division of Evaluation, Measurement, and Statistics).   She is past president of both the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology (SIOP) and the Federation of Associations in Behavioral and Brain Sciences, a coalition of 22 scientific societies with headquarters in Washington, DC.

Dr. Hough publishes articles in refereed journals, book chapters, and conference proceedings. Noteworthy has been her role as co-editor of the four-volume Handbook of Industrial & Organizational Psychology, and as lead author of the personnel selection chapter for the Annual Review of Psychology, as well as the biodata assessment chapter of the Handbook of Workplace Assessment:  Selecting and Developing Talent.

She also has written workplace personality assessment chapters in the International Handbook of Work & Organizational Psychology, the Handbook of Personnel Selection, and both editions of the I-O Psychology volume of the Comprehensive Handbook of Psychology. Three of her articles were reprinted in Employee Selection and Performance Management, a book consisting of articles psychologists identified as the seminal publications in the last 100 years.  Her work has helped shape the science and practice of Industrial-Organizational Psychology.

Dr. Hough can be contacted at leaettahough [at] hirepayoff (dot) com

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